Local Job Board Killer

North Carolina Marketer Uncovers Perfect Service For Local Clients…

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VIDEO 1:  The Intro

A general overview of the method and the reasoning behind why local businesses desperately need your service.

VIDEO 2: What they are doing now…

Covers where businesses turn to hire new employees and how these sources have only made the process more difficult than every before.

VIDEO 3:  A better way

Covers an overview of the method and how pinpoint targeting is the key to smarter hiring for local businesses.

VIDEO 4: Setting up a FB business page

The first step in laying out the foundation for effective hiring campaigns.  Your business owner client must have this.

VIDEO 5: Setting up FB business manager

It’s crucial to have a portal to access multiple clients’ accounts without having access to their personal information.

VIDEO 6:  Requesting Access to your client’s account

Here, we will walk-though some simple steps to access client’s accounts on a limited basis.  This was the client uses their credit card for ad-spend.

VIDEO 7:  Posting a job opening on the Business Page

This step is essential for more exposure.  Also, it’s a clever foot-in-the-door to open your prospects up to your offering.

VIDEO 8: Hiring Campaign Settings and Targeting

See what settings to choose for running an effective ad.  Then we cover how to target “Pre-Qualified” job applicants for your client.

VIDEO 9: Ad creation

Covered in this video is the actual creation of your client’s ad.  We show you how to choose the right image, how to create a landing page inside FB, and what text content to use.

VIDEO 10: The Money

Video 10 will cover what fees to charge for your service and how to know your client can afford what you charge.

VIDEO 11: Final Thoughts

Where to go from here.  The psychology behind favorable outcomes for your goals.